Completely agree Vic- this season has felt like fan-service so far, although hopefully the last episode will compensate. Elementary has my recommendations, which is quickly becoming one of my favourite TV shows.

vic briggs

It would appear that television and I are having a mild disagreement at present. I had abandoned the screen for quite a while last year. It bores me. That is not to say that good programming is inexistent, but it is a rarity. Plus. One has to be in the mood.

There was one particular show, however, that I hoped might resolve matters and make me fall in love with that dream-peddling box once again. Sherlock.


You will not believe how much will power it took not to write about it after viewing The Empty Hearse. It drained me of the little energy that the holidays had left behind.

Why did I say nothing on the 1st of January? Because I have been told to keep quiet unless I have something nice to say. So… I have been trying to think of something nice to say. All that kept cropping…

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age of millennials

The first poem I’ve ever written! The task was to create a short, quirky poem between 8-12 lines.

Frappucino in one hand,

iPhone in the other

Enthusing about an indie band

And their latest song cover.

Occupying Starbucks’ across the nation

Instagramming photos is their golden rule,

Lining 3D glasses and beanie hats in formation,

Claiming that they liked it before it was cool.

I decided to do the thing where I have a gummy bear for every fifty words of the novella I wrote but made the mistake of opening the packet before the word document

and well now I’m still at 0 words and out of gummy bears