The Dog Park – First Draft

The Many Scribbles of Gaelan Hamilton


Just finished it there so I thought I’d pop it up before I go out tonight 🙂 Enjoy!

A plethora of steadfast wooden soldiers

Wrapped in nature’s leafy emerald mantle

Watch as tamed beasts march on by with their owners

Oh so obedient; never at battle.


The multitude of cascading scents grip them;

Tearing their dedication away briefly

And plunging them back into feral mayhem.

But with a word they return from far away.


Friendly exchanges are passed between strangers,

Their companion their only affinity

Yet they smile and they wave and they can snigger

For this is their place; their own community.


How many people have walked these very paths?

The collection of souls linked by common cause;

Can they sense each other through time’s endless depths?

Or do they walk on with no reason to pause?


All leave their mark; the roads are never…

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Northern Wardens.

Mother of Pearl

Northern Wardens.

They stand
Tall and proud
Their hard and worn faces bracing the wind.

Gallant, they stand
Grounded and Beautiful, as
Giants of waves pummel against their pillars of legs.

A force,
An army, which only nature could mother
As their crooked hats point to the skies

Alienated from their brethren
Aligned in defence
Against the coast that once bore them

Foreseeing the future and telling the past
Facing the bleak horizon
Failing to sleep and never awakening.

Noble Giants
Protectors of the North
With shields and skin made of stone

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