Sonnet ;

I have officially written my first ever sonnet! It’s about…writing a sonnet. Because I’m that original. I’m debating calling it sonnetception, but that’s probably the lack of sleep talking.

Putting pen to paper, or fingers to keys,

Eyes dart around to find inspiration,

hoping that somehow, miraculously

words will appear in rapid succession.

Finding distraction anywhere you can,

the thrall of the television, food, even by cleaning,

until your parents have put Netflix on ban,

and you’re left Googling sonnet and iambic pentameter for their meaning.

The deadline’s looming ever closer, turning day to hour and minute

whilst you’re left

praying you reach, or even scrape, the word limit

of this seemingly impossible quest.

And though your eyes fight the oncoming fatigue,

You lie awake, worrying about tomorrow’s critique.


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